Wonderful Wednesday 

I am having a Wonderful Wednesday, as I hope you are too. I reference this day as Hump Day; and I feel the need to share my words of therapy with you. 
Getting through the week can be rough if you're consumed by so many things that has to be done. Adulthood can take a lot of your time!! I mean I have lived a very high consuming life as an adult. I like to stop the chaos by putting more things I love to do in my schedule. As a previous procrastinator this was a hard task for me." I can not be selfish and put me first; that would be so irresponsible"( so I thought) 
Putting my purpose and the things I love to the side, visibly looked and felt super responsible. 
One day, I just became fed up and I stop holding back the little voices telling me I would have a great time. I learned to become confident in me; owning my day. I am learning to stop second guessing myself!!!
When Y.O.U. become just as important as everyone else.  
Your. Own. Universe  will look different and feel different. So start today with you, because you are more than worthy of being happy👉


Tasty Tuesday 
Hello. I have been a vegetarian for 26 years. My favorite type of food is Mexican. I love beans- black beans, refried beans and spicy! My favorite place to eat is a local owned place in Batavia called “That Taco Place.” I get a bean pocket- pocket bread with beans, peppers, onions, lettuce and cheese. I then add the hot sauce. I also order a veggie tostado on flour. That is more veggies with cheese and sour cream. I always save room for chips and cheese, which is tortilla chips with melted cheese. Every Tuesday we eat tacos at home. I used morning star crumbles instead of beef and add the seasoning. My family will even eat it. Sometimes we put it all on tortilla chips having nacho supremes for dinner. Today I even had a Mexican breakfast wrap for breakfast. As a vegetarian we eat a lot of morning star products. My family prefers veggie chicken nuggets. My son eats veggie sausage every morning for breakfast:) My family eats meat and I will prepare it but they often will just eat the “fake” stuff. We also eat tons of salad with a new protein each tone. I set it out like a salad bar and we make our own. Hope these ideas help anyone else that is looking to become a vegetarian. 😄 

Rochester, NY

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