Sacred Sunday

Today we will touch base on Self-Care and being self motivated. 

Self Care is a term that has been used so loosely, that it could be misunderstood. Why? It may come across as selfish at times, but it is important.  When I speak of self care I am speaking very broad on this topic.
I.E. Sometimes we try to take on others problems and help them solve it but when it comes to your own problems you rarely can figure it out. Some become lost in knowing how to come up with a solution for themselves.  Self care comes with the responsibility of caring for yourself as a whole. This clearly means physically,  emotionally and mentally.  
I would like to guide you to a new way of looking at things. 
Salvation Elevation Love Fearless - Charismatic Alignment Rejuvenate Eloquent 
"You don't have to be strong for everyone else; self care sometimes require you to cleanse your soul and be vulnerable! ! "


Friendly Friday

Today we will be showing some appreciation to two very talented people. In this time today we don't show enough appreciation to those who work hard to deliver a message or to change the world. If you are not put down in a magazine or the tabloids as being rich; very few show the love needed. As entertainers and way makers of the world; we often feel discourage sometimes too. That's why Friendly Friday is a dedication to those whom work hard but may not know just how valuable they truly are.

We are gonna talk about this artist who is from Rochester,NY and goes by the name Young Sleep. He has been a rapper for 16 years but 13 years his music has been available. When asked what was his favorite song and reason for moving forward with his career "  SC2 (his album) is my favorite, but my favorite song is "World of Sin." My growth , delivery, cadence and help bring this album to reality. I rap about real life and word play is important!! I got to work with some great people and all of this made SC2." 

This young man loves what he does and you truly can feel his energy in his performance. When I first met Young Sleep, he was really quite. So to see him on stage fearless and embracing his gift; was very shocking to me. This young is not only a artist but a full-time dedicated father. He is very humble and would just make you want to hear his music after speaking with him. My favorite song " Make a Play" really sparked up a different movement in my spirit. He talked about making sacrifices and reaping the benefit of it. " Super Dope!!'  Go check out " Young Sleep SC2" anf many other amazing music he has to offer.. You can find him on facebook (younsleep) instagram (youngsleep585) spotify, youtube and a host of different platforms.

This thought leader is one that has been around since 2013 and  he is from Beaumont, Texas and goes by the name Terrance "Weasel" Smith. He is a self- published author of 2 books, sports advisor, he has a clothing company and a variety of movies. When asked what motivates him to keep going he responded ' The main thing  that keep me motivated is being the change I want to see. Growing up in an area where it's hard to dream, it motivates me to achieve all my heart's desires and show the young generation something different. Give them inspiration and let them know that all things are possible through faith and hard work." "The moment I met this man and he opened his mouth I was sold. I was sold on focusing more on my dreams and making a difference. His love for the man above is intriguing and humbling; and to read his books is too read into his life."  "Whatever it Takes' now that is a title to look into!! So not only does he wear many professional hats, but he is  also a full-time father. You can find him on facebook ( Terrance Weasel Smith ) instagram ( authortws) Amazon, Barnes n Nobles,, Amazon Prime.

Please support these strong successful African-American men, who are striving to make a difference. They are on two different  platforms but they both have the same goal. So if you don't know them get to know them; buy their book, music, clothing etc. Let them know we appreciate them and respect their grind!!!

The Goddess of Lust


Tasty Tuesday 

Let's talk about one of my favorite things "Food." I love to eat great food and share my experience with others.  Cooking has been a gift I will share with anyone. I still believe in traditional Sunday dinner. The most memorable moments happen around food.  
I love seafood and soul food. Even im couting my blessings; I will not give up soul food on my cheat days!! Some will say this defeats the purpose but I say "Eff your Standards." 
My love for some snow crab legs with a fresh crisp salad and some cheddar biscuits (red lobster) makes me fulfilled.  The weird thing is I don't like bread ( interesting).
What is your favorite dish?
I also want my vegan, vegetarian and like minded individuals to comment
Post location of restaurants or recipes that others can use!!!
Let's talk!!!


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